The last chapter of Mark’s Gospel has been called the greatest of all literary mysteries. Why did Mark put down his pen without recording a single appearance of the risen Christ? Many years after Mark wrote his Gospel another twelve verses were found. Were they written by someone else – or had Mark’s own lost ending been rediscovered?

When the Emperor Constantine orders the first ever mass production of the Holy Scriptures, these questions take on a new urgency at the Great Library in Caesarea. An old scroll has been found, and Bishop Eusebius commissions two of his scribes to find out the truth about Mark’s Gospel. Their search takes them across wild seas, over perilous mountain paths, and into the dangers of violent cities.

In a journey of the soul, beyond even time itself, one of the scribes finds an answer – an answer that centres on one man, the apostle Peter, and his struggle to grasp the truths at the very heart of the Christian Faith.

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