Leadership and Support

Photograph of Rev. Roger Grafton
Rev. Roger Grafton
Senior Pastor
Photograph of Claire Grafton
Claire Grafton
Lay Pastor, Home Access Staff & Authorised Person for Weddings
Photograph of Ann Niblett
Ann Niblett
Church Secretary, Safeguarding Team and Accredited Preacher
Photograph of Jayne Neadley
Jayne Neadley
Pastor’s Secretary

Mission Hub

Photograph of Tim Hackett
Tim Hackett
Elder Overseeing Mission
Photograph of Naomi Roberts
Naomi Roberts
Mission Deacon
Photograph of Dot Evans
Dot Evans
Mission Deacon
Photograph of Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson
Mission Deacon
Photograph of Nick Tsitsinakis
Nick Tsitsinakis
Mission Deacon

Ministry Hub

Photograph of Margaret Griffiths
Margaret Griffiths
Elder Overseeing Ministry & Safeguarding Trustee
Photograph of Cath Bourne
Cath Bourne
Ministry Deacon
Photograph of Joanne Lockyer
Joanne Lockyer
Ministry Deacon

Support Hub

Photograph of Jon Morse
Jon Morse
Photograph of Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts
Support Deacon
Photograph of Karl Haldenby
Karl Haldenby
Support Deacon
Photograph of Dave Meadows
Dave Meadows
Support Deacon

Other Ministries

Photograph of Gaynor Haldenby
Gaynor Haldenby
Safeguarding Team
Photograph of Angela Buckley
Angela Buckley
Authorised Person for Weddings
Photograph of Anne Morse
Anne Morse
Accredited Preacher
Photograph of Gareth Davidson
Gareth Davidson
Student Pastor in Training
Photograph of The Douglas Family
The Douglas Family
Serving Overseas with BMS World Mission