We are a Fairtrade Church

A part of our walk with God we are passionate about justice and mercy for those living in poverty, and care for our planet. We have been a Fairtrade Church since 2004 and have committed to:

  • Always use Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar
  • Integrate fairtrade into the life of our church, especially during Fairtrade Fortnight.

In Fairtrade Fortnight 2020, Jenipher Wettaka visited our morning service. Jenipher is vice-chair of a co-operative of Fairtrade farmers on Mount Elgon in Uganda. Since then, Jenipher’s Coffi has been launched. It is roasted in Wales by Farrari’s and supported by the Welsh Government. Jenipher popped back to Tabs in November 2021 while she was in Penarth visiting a local stockist. Here are some clips from our interview with Jenipher, explaining how Fairtrade is helping the coffee farmers in her co-operative, and why she had been invited to COP26.

Interview between Cathie and Jenipher
Interview between Cathie and Jenipher about COP26