Photograph of Dave Llewellyn
Dave Llewellyn
Photograph of Dave Madows
Dave Madows
Elder overseeing Stewarding
Photograph of Cath Bourne
Cath Bourne
Elder overseeing Discipleship
Photograph of Jon Morse
Jon Morse
Photograph of Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Church Secretary overseeing Administration
Photograph of Dot Evans
Dot Evans
Deacon overseeing Global Mission and Children and Youth, Safeguarding Trustee
Photograph of Peter Robertson
Peter Robertson
Deacon overseeing Worship and Buildings
Photograph of Ann Niblett
Ann Niblett
Deacon overseeing Pastoral Care and Accreditted Preacher. Safeguarding Designated Person
Photograph of Jeanette Minns
Jeanette Minns
Deacon overseeing Fellowship
Photograph of Will Roberts
Will Roberts
Deacon Overseeing Worship Tech and Comms
Photograph of Angie Buckley
Angie Buckley
Deacon Overseeing Prayer and support for stewarding. Authorised Person for Weddings