There has been so much written about God that this page will never be able to capture all of it. However, in a nutshell it is both the belief AND the experience of the fellowship at Tabs, that God loves and actively seeks to be in relationship with us all.

The problem is that we often fool ourselves by saying that we are far too horrible, too bad or evil, to ever be able to meet God, or sometimes too sorted to ever need God. These thoughts are just not true!

God has made every effort throughout history to be in a loving relationship with us. The bible tells us many stories where humanity has messed up and yet still God has tried again to restore relationship. The last time God did this was when his son Jesus taught, lived as an example and died, only to rise from the dead days later. Everything about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus was to build bridges, restore relationships and deal with the consequences of our selfishness.

God made us through an outpouring of his love, to be the focus of his love and the participants of a relationship of love. If that doesn’t sound like the God you have heard of, that’s because many people just don’t understand God and therefore don’t communicate God very well!

If that sounds like a God you’d like to know, then why not come along to Tabs and learn some more and better still, meet God for yourself.