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Small Groups

God’s plan for growing his Church has always included small groups meeting together for prayer, fellowship, study, worship and evangelism. In a large church like Tabernacle it is easy for people to become lost in the crowd, and small groups are a vital part of ensuring that everyone is pastored, nurtured, encouraged, equipped and released for ministry. In small groups newcomers are more easily welcomed, and in this setting, asking questions and finding answers can be easier than a main Church meeting.

At Tabernacle there are small groups which meet both during the daytime and evening. Most groups meet on a Thursday, although there are also some groups which meet on a Tuesday evening and daytime groups on several different days.

Each group has its own style and feel, and there is something for everyone wherever they live, whatever their background or whenever they can meet. If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact us at  and we will put you in touch with the small group co-ordinator who will help you to find the group that suits you best.