Cuddly toys, romantic dates, hand-written love letters, and bunches of red roses, all different ways to show someone you love them.

At Tabs we like to join in with the celebration of love. Each year, we go out and buy hundreds of roses. Teams of volunteers take off the thorns and add labels. Then we go out on the streets of Penarth and give them away.

It might seem an odd way to spend our time and money, giving away flowers to strangers. But that’s exactly the point! We give away roses, expecting nothing in return, because that’s how God loves us.

Everyone is important to God and he loves unconditionally, even if we feel we don’t need or deserve his love.

God is committed to loving every one of us, and the Bible tells us that he has a good plan for our lives, even if we’ve never stopped to wonder if He’s there.

And so we give away roses, expecting nothing in return, except the joy of being able to tell someone ‘God loves you.’