We believe God loves Penarth. 

Not just the Christians in Penarth, not just the moral people who keep their lawns tidy and always drive within the speed limits.

God loves everyone, in all of Penarth.

We believe God loves your next-door neighbour, and your neighbour’s neighbour, and your neighbour’s neighbour’s neighbour, and every person, behind every front door, along every street throughout Penarth.

We believe God even loves that frustratingly slow person in front of you in the queue at the coffee shop, God loves those annoying loud teenagers on the street-corner, God even loves that old man taking his dog for a walk who didn’t scoop up the dog poo.

God loves us all.

And God loves you.

So here at Tabs, we follow God’s lead, and we love our community too. We run a foodbank, we set-up the Home Access charity, we work with schools and run kid’s clubs. We do all of this because we love the people around us. And it’s for this reason that we also pray for Penarth.

We pray that God blesses the people of Penarth.

That doesn’t mean we sit around praying that everyone would go to church, and give up smoking and stop swearing.

When we pray that God would bless you, we really pray  ‘God – your will be done.’

Since God loves each one of us, He wants the best for us. He wants us to be happy, He wants us to do well in our jobs or in school, He wants us to have strong loving relationships with those around us, He wants us to have successful and fulfilled lives.

We call God ‘our Father’ because He is a loving father, who wants the best for his children. This doesn’t mean life will always be easy. But in the good times and the bad times, you can always know you are loved.

And so we pray – ‘God, your will be done. Your loving, caring, wonderful will be done, in Penarth, as it is in heaven.’

Wait a minute, is this really in the Bible?

Yep – we’re not making up this lovey-dovey stuff. Here are some key scriptures about this.

Matthew 22:36-4

Matthew 6:9-10

Ephesians 2:10

1 John 4:7-12

If you have questions, just get in touch, or drop by sometime to find out more.